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Surf-Yoga Package

For surfing you need focus, a clear mind and a strong body — which are also three great benefits of yoga. Learning to breathe, clear your head, and hold poses to strengthen muscles, is a good out-of-water practice for catching that ride in the ocean. We have found the perfect balance between the two so you can enjoy both activities to the fullest during your time here in Costa Rica. This town is truly a Surf and Yogi mecca!

It does not matter if you have no experience in either one, this is the time to get started. Once you embark on this new era in your life there is no way back and we promise you will for ever be grateful that you decided to be mindful to yourself and discover the joy of both Yoga and Surfing.  Breathing/ stretching to meditate and catching that perfect wave will provide you true happiness. From here on the sky is the limit to finding that next wave.


whats included?

*   Six nights private accommodations on the beautiful private property of Lucero, in the middle of town and only a few minutes walking from the beach.  

* Daily breakfast and lunch at the hotel prepared with fresh local ingredients.

* Farewell dinner No better way to say goodbye after a fun week then sharing a delicious meal together.

* 4 surf lessons. The lessons include paddling, duck diving, catching a wave, positioning and more. A certified surf coach with a lot of experience will give you the personal attention you need, it does not matter if you are a beginner or already a bit more advanced. 

* Surf photos. We will come to the beach to capture you in action and will send them to you by email.

* Morning yoga sessions at a beautiful outdoor yoga studio. Start your day off right or choose to do a class at the end of your day. There are different classes to choose from.

* Activity or massage. There are a few fun activities either all day or part of the day that you can do like snorkeling at Tortuga island or zip lining, you can also choose to rejuvenate by getting a relaxing massage.

* Camp fire and music on the beach on Sundays. Roca mar is a restaurant/bar on the beach at the north end of Santa Teresa and every Sunday they have Pura Sonica, a gathering of locals and tourists to celebrate on the beach with good food, good music and a camp fire for sunset. (during high season only)





Whats NOT included?

* Five out of six dinner. We have a selection of best restaurants in town for you (and there are quiet a few). The average price per meal is around $20-$25

* Transfer from the airport. You can choose to take a bus for $15 from San jose. The daily shuttle (leaves at 7 am or 2 pm from SJO) for $50. A private shuttle is a good option if you are traveling with a group. The price is $250 one way. Both the bus and shuttle are between 4-5 hours traveling, including a ferry crossing of 1.5 hour. The last option is to fly with a charter flight from San jose to Tambor, this takes only 20 minutes and costs around $120 one way. The taxi from Tambor to us is $50.

* Snacks & drinks in between breakfast & lunch or lunch & dinner. Water is free! Anything else can be purchased from our kitchen or at the local supermarket.

* Extra activities! There is not a whole lot of extra time left but depending on when your surf lesson is either the afternoon or late morning is free to do some extra activities in the area. You can add these to your package when you make your booking online or you can add these later when you are here.

* Gratuity for staff is not included in your package

Package Prices


Single (room) $1575 

Double (room) $1375 pp.

For more info and inquiries email us at or give us a call at +1.917.310.3776  / +506.8427.6587 (+Whatsapp) 

Office hours are CT 9.00-5.00. (closed on Sunday) 

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