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Cuisine & Activities

At Lucero we believe in clean food from the earth that make your tastebuds go hmmm and your tummy feel full. It is necessary for a clear mind, strong body, good mood, great surf session. We are learning in the process and are flexible with personal requests. We offer a small but rejuvenating menu of snack and drinks for during the day. 

Breakfast & lunch is included Monday through Friday, except for Sunday morning.


Breakfast is for breaking your overnight fast

We offer a breakfast buffet including the following: Fresh pipes, juice, coffee & tea, yogurt, granola and cruesli, fresh bread, eggs, spreads, fresh cut fruit, regular and almond milk. Sometimes we make pancakes or French toast.






For lunch we offer a set up menu where everyone eats the same. We always find out beforehand if everyone likes the option we have that day as we are flexible and can adjust the menu for those who want it.

Our set up menu for the week includes the following:

Monday: Costa Rican Cassado, typical local food with brown rice, organic beans, fresh fish, baked platoon and tico cheese, avocado and a side salad. Simple but delicious and so healthy! Don;'t forget the famous Lizano sauce.

Tuesday: Fallafel, rice, green beans, hummus, salad, hot sauce, tahini sauce

Wednesday: This depends on the activity that you will do this day

Thursday: Coconut curry with lentils, rice, vegetables and a fruit salad with watermelon.

Friday: Salad or burger



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