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Your package includes 6 nights accommodations, all breakfast & lunches, welcome & farewell dinner, surf photo's and the following activities.



The beaches of Santa Teresa have some of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica! Each surf lesson is 1.5 hour long and the teacher-student ratio is 1-2 to secure your safety in the water. 

We will start your surf lesson with teaching the basics of surfing, safety tips, paddling techniques, followed by standing up on a board and riding waves.

If you have no experience with surfing, no problem this is a great place to learn! 



"Yoga practice is like life. Each circumstance in which we find ourselves is like a pose. Some poses are hard to hold, others are pleasant. It is how we hold the pose that determines whether or not we will suffer or grow. And whether or not we will listen to the drama of the ego or the wisdom of the spirit."



Your guide will take you past the Cabo blanco Nature reserve down to the beach and up to the waterfall. Here you will wash off the dust with a cool swim. Afterwards you will go into Montezuma town for lunch. This is an all day fun activity. There is a big chance you get to see howler and white face monkeys.


Every Sunday the town comes together to watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy cold drinks and food from the grill by some lounging music. It's a perfect mix of local families and tourist. A great way to start your vacation. After the sunset we go back to the hotel for our welcome dinner.

Other activities you can book are:


* Horseback riding

* Snorkel day at Tortuga island

* Stand Up Paddleboarding

* Kayaking 

* Dee sea fishing

* Zip line

* Diving

* Nature hikes in Cabo Blanco

* Sailboat charters

* Guided hikes through wildlife refuge

* Pilates / Aerial silk

* Massages

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